Untaian Cinta Nusantara

So as I promised, I’m gonna start to updated my blog. And I’m gonna start on the very beginning. Where it all begin.

Every year all the national candidate from all over Indonesia have to go to Jakarta to attend the National Orientation for 11 days. And thats where I met my new family. The people who also feel the struggle that I felt. The people that would also feel what I will be feeling once I left Indonesia. And we are Untaian Cinta Nusantara 13/14.IMG_0815

We are 124 lucky student! That is placed all over the world. Leaving our comfort zone. Leaving home to find another home somewhere across the world. At first I thought it would be hard to get along with all of the different personalities. But turns out the things that makes us different is what makes us closer. We bond like family in no time! We’ve been through the same struggle and we understand each other. And I love them  to death.

So during the 11 day that we spend together we did a lot of stuff together. We have to attend a lot of classes that would make us prepared for our life for the next 11 moths. And after all classes is done we will be practicing for our talent show. It was so freaking tiring but I loved it! We practice from 11pm through 2 or 3 in the morning. And guess what it was worth every minute of it!

IMG_0501 IMG_1741

And then finally the big day came. Our Farewell Party at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. I was one of the BEST moment I’ve had so far. Everything is just perfect! I’m so overwhelmed by the fact that all of our hard work during orientation is paid off! It was perfect! Our families were there watching us perform. I just can’t help but cried every time I remember all the happiness we had. After that we all lined up and our name got called “Rana Mentari R. Effendi dari Chapter Makassar akan berangkat ke Amerika Serikat!”  and right after I heard that I once again just got overwhelmed and felt really proud of my self so I started crying and then our parents went up the stage to gave us a Indonesian flag pin and stick it on our clothes. I literally couldn’t stop crying. Check out my crying face!





And then some of my friends left the next day. They left to went to their home, but 2 of them Nito & Sarah is leaving to dive in to their exchange experience. So there we go 85 of us left. 85 YES program student. We have to stay for couple more day fro language camp. Where basically we have to try to get used to speak english. We also went to have dinner at the US ambassador house. It was such a fun memory. We gather around the piano and sing along while Laura and Irfan played songs. We started to sing along to lots and lots of songs.



And finally the day we all have been waiting for. Departure day. I was so excited but sad. Its all mixed up! I don’t know what to think. And I was chosen as the group leader for one of the departing group consist of 12 kids. So I can’t lie, I was pretty proud of myself. And that was the last day I hugged my parents and my sister. I miss the so much! So many days passed since then. So finally we all gone and departing from the lovely and warm Indonesia to the country of my dream United States of America.




Rana Effendi


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