Okay, now that the Cheerleading season are over I think now is the right time for me to tell y’all my American Cheerleading experience. So……

I’ve been liking to see cheerleader since I don’t know when. I mean they have a lot of awesome movies about that. But because my high school in Indonesia did not have a cheerleading squad, at least not anymore so I decided to join the Marching Band as the flag girl or color guard. But I did not even for a second regretting that. Because being a color guard is just amazing! I love it with all my heart.

One day I went to school and got an e-mail that I made the selection to become an exchange student. Oh my freaking god was I excited! So, long story short I am here now in my bedroom in America, wearing my Red Game Day Varsity shirt, typing about my Cheerleading experience. Because I made the cheerleading squad in my school here in America. I am now a Raider Varsity Cheerleader.

I’ve always known that I would join the Cheerleading team or at least try to if I’m in America. I mean who wouldn’t? Right? So I talked to the captain and came to couple practices until the coach saw me dancing and told me I made the team and gave me my uniform. I come home and hugged my mom and tell her about everything and show her my new uniforms. Tadaa!!

Everything just made sense after that. I finally feel like I’m part of something! All the practices that we had together brought us closer and closer. I finally found my cheer-sisters! I love them soooo much!IMG_1468


Every friday in football season, the cheerleaders have to dress up to school and cheer for football game every friday night! I am so excited to wake up every friday and went to school for the game later that evening! My first football game is a home game and it was sooooooo fun! even thought I did not go down the field to cheer yet but I’m so excited that I get to see my first american football game right in front of my eyes in my cheerleading uniform!IMG_1709



And then the Homecoming is here. It was by far one of the most amazing day I have ever had in my entire life. Everything just went perfect! From the pep rally to the night of the game! So the time for us to perform the dance we’ve been practicing for weeks is here – by the way that was my first dance as a cheerleader ever! So we get out of class early to get prepared in the gym for the pep rally. And then I am soooo beyond nervous! I can’t barely breathe. I keep praying to God so my first pep rally will went well. And He heard my prayer! The dance went amazing! And I got to do a split in front of everybody at the end of the dance! Everybody was so happy, and they were so loud. And people keep telling me that I did an amazing job. That I am an amazing cheerleader! I feel like I’m flying up high!!!! Its just so amazing that I’m speechless!

IMG_1872IMG_1893 IMG_1895 IMG_1913

And then the game later on that evening was the first football game that I got to cheer in! It feels so amazing to cheer on the field in front of all those raider fans! I feel so so so amazing! Words couldn’t describe it! And also one of my exchange friend is playing on the other team. So I got to meet him. And my coordinator and few of my exchange friends came to see me cheer! Im beyond happy! That was a perfect day except the fact that HP Raiders lose the game:(



And the time flies soooo fast, and it is now basketball season! And guess what? Basketball season is ohmyGodidontknowwhattosay amazing! It is so fun and I can totally feel the atmosphere hahaha. I mean its just all the stumping and clapping and hips moving hahaha. Its so unreal. Well I kinda struggled though trying to figure out the stumping. And now the seasons over I always find myself do the stumping and movement. I mean I can’t seem to get it out of my system.

Basketball season is a chaos! I mean in one week I could have 3 or 4 games and don’t forget the cheer practice or pep rally. Its just so much and I feel like I’m practicing for Langgam back in February 2013. On some away game I got home almost midnight and have to go to school the next day. It kills me, but I love it so much I can’t stop. I will not know what I will do when I go back home and theres no Cheerleading.





And now everything is just a fun, unforgettable memories that I will cherish! I love my cheer-sisters so much and I’m gonna miss them sooo much! This is one of the BEST exchange experience anyone could ever have!




Rana Effendi


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