Disneyworld 2014! Orlando, Florida

Is there a magical place somewhere in this world? I’ve always wanted to know the answer. I mean who doesn’t want to be in a magical place? And on January 2014 (I just turn 17 by the way, Happy Birthday to me!) I found out the  answer.

I woke up on friday morning realizing that I don’t have to go to school. So I went ahead and getting ready. Change my clothes, put some make up on, double check all my stuff and finally get going to the Florence County Airport. My flight is later than most of my friends. Because they couldn’t booked us a ticket all in the same flight so 5 of us, Mirsela, Jad, Abe,  Mahnoor and I have to go on a separate flights. After waiting for about an hour or so, we finally depart for Charlotte, NC. It was a pleasant flight. Then when we arrived in Charlotte, we’ve got to wait for about an hour? Idk, then we continued our flight to Orlando, Florida. And oh boy, was I excited!

When we arrived in Orlando, a funny thing happened. So, Jad /of course who else would it be/ accidently took someone else’s bag. And then he casually walk off with it through the airport. Until Abe, finally realized it and told him. I died laughing. Mirsela and I couldnt even catch our breath. It was too funny!

Finally we reach the hotel. It was Embassy Suites. I was roomed with Bew and Lima. It was super fun. The days spent there was magical cause we met up with our friends from all over the world. The nights were spent with getting together in a huge ballroom where we were separated in groups and then we’d talked about expectations and plans. You know them stuff.

But the mornings were spent in -wait for it- Disney Wordl Florida. The biggest Disney theme park there is. It was like a dream. Everything is just like what it looked like on TV and Movies. I was beyond excited. We spent a day in Magic Kingdom and then a day in Epcott Park. I got to experienced a LOT of stuff!

The Epcott Park is like a mini replica of the world. Theres a bunch of countries and it is very detailed. They sell food and traditional stuff from each country. Here’s a picture of me in some of the “countries”

Mexico :

Italy :

Germany :

Canada :

And then in Magic Kingdom I got to see the amazingly famous CInderella Castle that has been Disneys Landmark for God knows how long! and guess what at night it lit up in different colors!

Okay if you guys would like to see the whole experience please kindly check out my Disney Vlog on YouTube! Heres the link : DISNEY WORLD 2014 VLOG


Rana Effendi


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