Heads Up!

Hello everyone. I know that I haven’t been posting anything at ALL since I’m back to Indonesia. And a few days ago, I was randomly checking my blog posts. And then I read my post about my departing journey to USA and cheerleading experience. It made me realize how many memories that I could’ve been keeping if I had just posted more often back then.

I mean, after I lost my macbook  and all of its data / its depressing, I know. I balled my eyes out for a solid few days / I have no more memories, except for the photos that I thankfully uploaded to facebook. Besides that, NOTHING. So what I’m trying to say is that I should post more and more often to this site so that I could still have my memories. Cause memories are extremely important!

So, expect me to update about all my remaining memories of USA and more.


Rana Effendi


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