Line Dancing!!!

Have you watched Hannah Montana The Movie? Do you remember the charity night scene? Where Miley Stewart sing the Boom Clap song and everybody starts dancing in line with perfect synchronization? Yes, that scene!

I have completely experienced the whole hoorrah and amazingness by attending line dance classes in a country bar called Carolina Ranch House! That line dance experience was one of my very first southern experience. Cause one night, out of the blue, Ms. Dina //my beloved local coordinator// called my mom and ask me if I wanna go dancing which of course I’d gladly to, I mean if y’all know me, y’ll would probably see why. I mean I just cannot stay still.

So, I went to the Ranch House and meet  up with a few new friends who turned out to be my amazing best friends. The decoration of the ranch house was extremely country-like. Totally remind me of that one scene in Hannah Montana movie.

Heres the dance floor, where all the fun happened :

And it also has like a bar where you can get like drink and stuff, you know :

At first the instructor taught us the moves //I mean steps// for a couple songs. As far as I could remember there was Electric, Cha-cha Slide and Blurred Lines? And yes, that last one was Robin Thicke’s. Lmao, I don’t even know that his song is line-danceable? What? But anyhow, it was super fun to learn all the moves.

By the end of the night, we all hit the dance floor and dance everything that we’ve been taught.

It was amazingly fine and I really wish that they have some sort of community like this nearby me. I ended up going for a couple more classes and a few friday nights lmao. Well thats all for my line dancing experience!


Rana Effendi


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