Coleman’s Newest Addition

Yes, that’s me! Coleman’s newest addition. So my family in the US enjoys hosting foreign exchange students /like me/, I am their 4th. Before me, there was a girl from The Philippines name Hanna, Indonesian girl Anissa, Lebanese girl Timmy and finally, Me! But since I wrote this post 2 years after I get back from the US, they’ve manage to host again. After me theres another Filipino, Mika, and they are now currently hosting another Lebanese name Reem. That makes it 2 Filipinos, 2 Indonesians and 2 Lebanese.

So, The Coleman Family is a HUGE family. And by that I mean, whenever I was there, there were 6 of us girls. Such a huge change from my life here in Indonesia where I only have 1 baby sister. So to live in a house with 8 people living in it is a total change cause its like twice the amount of the number people living in my house over here.

The house was never quiet. Except on weekends morning where everyone is sleeping in lmao. Let me introduce you to my whole family. So theres Daddy, Mommy, Me, Kayla, Skyler, Baylee, Morgan and Miley. And oh I completely forgot that I also got another sister, Bella! Shes my very first dog. Shes an english bulldog. And she’s so freaking cute!


So, heres my mom and my dad. They are such a loving people! Such an amazing parents. And of course both of them are hella funny! Like there ain’t no day passing by without me laughing my butt off. And also these two are such a love birds. Like, I’m so in love with the fact that they are both so in love with each other, if that even make any sense whatsoever.

Oh my god, please excuse my face. I can’t.

And then theres Mikayla aka Kaykay. My bestfriend, my roommate, my half, my crazy crazy girl lmao. The age difference between us two is only a year, so I feel like shes the closest to me out of everyone. I mean, duh! We share a lot of things and moments. Always a funny moment. I love me some Kaykay<3

And then theres the little ones, well thats how Kaykay and I like to call them. Since there were only 3 bedrooms in the house so one for mom&dad, one for Kaykay&I and one for ‘the little ones’. The house was always a mad house but suuuuuch a fun mad house because of these four. They fought about the stupidest things I swear. And those stupid things are the one I truly miss rn 😦

And last but deff not least is Bella! I mean since she is my very first dog, I kinda was afraid at first, cause all she wanted to do was nothing but be all up on me biting and licking and stuff. But over time I got used to it and completely fall for her. Its so sad that I lost my macbook and my phones. So that now I do not have any picture of Bella, I’ll make sure to look for one and revised this post with it.

These people made me realize that even though we definitely are not blood related, we can still love each other unconditionally! And I will always, always love my Crazy Colemans!


Rana Effendi COLEMAN!


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