Spirit Week!

So, up until now I still didn’t get the meaning of homecoming. I mean whats in it? Whats the purpose of it. But anyhow, I do know that the whole week of the homecoming game is called The Spirit Week!

The Spirit Week is the one week where you have to take pride on your school and most definitely, show it! As a cheerleader, it is my duty to show the ultimate school spirit and by that I mean participating on anything homecoming related.

So the whole entire week, the students have to dress according to the Spirit Week dress code provided or decided by the student council /I totally regretted not joining student council/. And I am more that happy to participate. I completely forgot some of the dress code. But I do remember some. Heres some of it.

Theres this one day where everone has to dress as tacky as possible! So what I did is that I wear my peach sparkly sweater underneath a sequin-ish sleveless top with a collar //I know, it hurts me to type this description// then on top of it I turn my reversible coat inside out to reveal the bright highlighter-orange. And also I am wearing my pink sweatpants with the ends tucked inside my black below-the-knee-high socks. Which is extremes comfortable tho. To sum it up, I look tacky. Okay?

Here’s some picture of me and my friends wearing God knows what haha :

Left to right : Emily, Hunter, Brianna, Me, Ashlyn, Courtney

Left to right : Lisa, Lizzy, Me, Ruth, Nick, Mirsela

Did you see what we wear? Ugh God. Hahaha but thats a good thing cause we were showing the Raider Spirit. Well, Raider is the mascot of my school. Besides tacky day, I remember there was a blackout day where everyone wears black and only black head to toe. And theres also day where we had to dress up as it church clothes, you know? Them dresses with pearls and everything. But sadly, I did not have the picture to show about those spirit week days. But anyhow, it was a FUN week! Such an amazing experience!


Rana Effendi


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