This is IT! The Homecoming is here. It was by far one of the most amazing day I have ever had in my entire life. Everything just went so smoothly and perfect! From the pep rally to the night of the game!

In the morning we do a huge class parade with our classmates and I am a Junior! So I climbed on the back of a truck with my friends and we were holding stuff to shake as we parade and yell “ONE FIVE” through out the parade. It was an amazing feeling and experience! My class’s theme for our trailer was Duck Dynasty cause apparently that was whats really popular back then. We had out trailer completely covered in hays and it has a bunch of leaves all over it. I was also being pulled by a tractor to represent ‘Red Neck’. We spent like 3 hours everyday preparing for this day. Two of my friends rode the mini tractors and lead the parade.










So the time for us to perform the dance we’ve been practicing for weeks is here – by the way that was my first dance as a cheerleader ever! So we get out of class early to get prepared in the gym for the pep rally. And then I am soooo beyond nervous! I can’t barely breathe. I keep praying to God so my first pep rally will went well.


And He heard my prayer! The dance went amazing! And I got to do a split in front of everybody at the end of the dance! Everybody was so happy, and they were so loud. And people keep telling me that I did an amazing job. That I am an amazing cheerleader! I feel like I’m flying up high!!!! Its just so amazing that I’m speechless!

Now, the time for the game has come and I am EXCITED! Like seriously excited! The school we played that night was actually my Exchange friends from Kazakhstan’s school, Green Sea Floyd. And guess what, he is a football player! So, I got to meet her. My local coordinator, Ms. Dina, MJ (Philippine)and Jad (Lebanon) came out to support both Serkhan (Kazakhstan) and I! How Exciting was that! Unfortunately, we lost the game /it was probably the only bad thing that happened that day/. But I am still happy!

It was such a good day! And I seriously am missing my cheerleading time back in USA! I am super grateful that I got the opportunity to experience those things!


Rana Effendi


Spirit Week!

So, up until now I still didn’t get the meaning of homecoming. I mean whats in it? Whats the purpose of it. But anyhow, I do know that the whole week of the homecoming game is called The Spirit Week!

The Spirit Week is the one week where you have to take pride on your school and most definitely, show it! As a cheerleader, it is my duty to show the ultimate school spirit and by that I mean participating on anything homecoming related.

So the whole entire week, the students have to dress according to the Spirit Week dress code provided or decided by the student council /I totally regretted not joining student council/. And I am more that happy to participate. I completely forgot some of the dress code. But I do remember some. Heres some of it.

Theres this one day where everone has to dress as tacky as possible! So what I did is that I wear my peach sparkly sweater underneath a sequin-ish sleveless top with a collar //I know, it hurts me to type this description// then on top of it I turn my reversible coat inside out to reveal the bright highlighter-orange. And also I am wearing my pink sweatpants with the ends tucked inside my black below-the-knee-high socks. Which is extremes comfortable tho. To sum it up, I look tacky. Okay?

Here’s some picture of me and my friends wearing God knows what haha :

Left to right : Emily, Hunter, Brianna, Me, Ashlyn, Courtney

Left to right : Lisa, Lizzy, Me, Ruth, Nick, Mirsela

Did you see what we wear? Ugh God. Hahaha but thats a good thing cause we were showing the Raider Spirit. Well, Raider is the mascot of my school. Besides tacky day, I remember there was a blackout day where everyone wears black and only black head to toe. And theres also day where we had to dress up as it church clothes, you know? Them dresses with pearls and everything. But sadly, I did not have the picture to show about those spirit week days. But anyhow, it was a FUN week! Such an amazing experience!


Rana Effendi

Coleman’s Newest Addition

Yes, that’s me! Coleman’s newest addition. So my family in the US enjoys hosting foreign exchange students /like me/, I am their 4th. Before me, there was a girl from The Philippines name Hanna, Indonesian girl Anissa, Lebanese girl Timmy and finally, Me! But since I wrote this post 2 years after I get back from the US, they’ve manage to host again. After me theres another Filipino, Mika, and they are now currently hosting another Lebanese name Reem. That makes it 2 Filipinos, 2 Indonesians and 2 Lebanese.

So, The Coleman Family is a HUGE family. And by that I mean, whenever I was there, there were 6 of us girls. Such a huge change from my life here in Indonesia where I only have 1 baby sister. So to live in a house with 8 people living in it is a total change cause its like twice the amount of the number people living in my house over here.

The house was never quiet. Except on weekends morning where everyone is sleeping in lmao. Let me introduce you to my whole family. So theres Daddy, Mommy, Me, Kayla, Skyler, Baylee, Morgan and Miley. And oh I completely forgot that I also got another sister, Bella! Shes my very first dog. Shes an english bulldog. And she’s so freaking cute!


So, heres my mom and my dad. They are such a loving people! Such an amazing parents. And of course both of them are hella funny! Like there ain’t no day passing by without me laughing my butt off. And also these two are such a love birds. Like, I’m so in love with the fact that they are both so in love with each other, if that even make any sense whatsoever.

Oh my god, please excuse my face. I can’t.

And then theres Mikayla aka Kaykay. My bestfriend, my roommate, my half, my crazy crazy girl lmao. The age difference between us two is only a year, so I feel like shes the closest to me out of everyone. I mean, duh! We share a lot of things and moments. Always a funny moment. I love me some Kaykay<3

And then theres the little ones, well thats how Kaykay and I like to call them. Since there were only 3 bedrooms in the house so one for mom&dad, one for Kaykay&I and one for ‘the little ones’. The house was always a mad house but suuuuuch a fun mad house because of these four. They fought about the stupidest things I swear. And those stupid things are the one I truly miss rn 😦

And last but deff not least is Bella! I mean since she is my very first dog, I kinda was afraid at first, cause all she wanted to do was nothing but be all up on me biting and licking and stuff. But over time I got used to it and completely fall for her. Its so sad that I lost my macbook and my phones. So that now I do not have any picture of Bella, I’ll make sure to look for one and revised this post with it.

These people made me realize that even though we definitely are not blood related, we can still love each other unconditionally! And I will always, always love my Crazy Colemans!


Rana Effendi COLEMAN!

Line Dancing!!!

Have you watched Hannah Montana The Movie? Do you remember the charity night scene? Where Miley Stewart sing the Boom Clap song and everybody starts dancing in line with perfect synchronization? Yes, that scene!

I have completely experienced the whole hoorrah and amazingness by attending line dance classes in a country bar called Carolina Ranch House! That line dance experience was one of my very first southern experience. Cause one night, out of the blue, Ms. Dina //my beloved local coordinator// called my mom and ask me if I wanna go dancing which of course I’d gladly to, I mean if y’all know me, y’ll would probably see why. I mean I just cannot stay still.

So, I went to the Ranch House and meet  up with a few new friends who turned out to be my amazing best friends. The decoration of the ranch house was extremely country-like. Totally remind me of that one scene in Hannah Montana movie.

Heres the dance floor, where all the fun happened :

And it also has like a bar where you can get like drink and stuff, you know :

At first the instructor taught us the moves //I mean steps// for a couple songs. As far as I could remember there was Electric, Cha-cha Slide and Blurred Lines? And yes, that last one was Robin Thicke’s. Lmao, I don’t even know that his song is line-danceable? What? But anyhow, it was super fun to learn all the moves.

By the end of the night, we all hit the dance floor and dance everything that we’ve been taught.

It was amazingly fine and I really wish that they have some sort of community like this nearby me. I ended up going for a couple more classes and a few friday nights lmao. Well thats all for my line dancing experience!


Rana Effendi

The South

Have you ever heard of Southern Hospitality? You know how they describe the southern states to have more hospitality towards each other than any other parts of USA? Yes, it is true! But there is more about The South than just that term of Southern Hospitality.

So, out of all 50 states in United States of America, I am sooooo dang lucky to be placed in South Carolina. Why? Because I totally think that my exchange experience couldn’t get any better. And that is all because I am placed in the south.

Whenever I just got there //I am writing this 2 years post my exchange year// I am extremely overwhelmed by all the warm welcome I received. Even though I cannot lie that I was a bit disappointed that the place that I’d be staying at is not as all-american-super-modern-movie-like kinda place, but it all means nothing after all that warm hug I received that day.

When I got home, the first thing that totally caught my eyes was a sign about the south. Its a simple, white board with things written on it with a dark ink. The things written on it goes like :

The South

The place where… 1. Tea is sweet and accents are sweeter. 2. Summer starts in April. 3. Macaroni & Cheese is a vegetable. 4. Front porches are wide and words are long. 5.  Pecan pie is a staple. 6. Y’all is the only proper noun. 7. Chicken is friend and biscuits come with gravy. 8. Everything is Darlin’. 9. Someone’s heart is always being blessed.


And that sign completely describe what The South is really mean. The south is like a home. Like even though you want to live out there in the heart of the big world, as in big cities all around the world, eventually you’ll always want to come back home to the south.


Rana Effendi

Disneyworld 2014! Orlando, Florida

Is there a magical place somewhere in this world? I’ve always wanted to know the answer. I mean who doesn’t want to be in a magical place? And on January 2014 (I just turn 17 by the way, Happy Birthday to me!) I found out the  answer.

I woke up on friday morning realizing that I don’t have to go to school. So I went ahead and getting ready. Change my clothes, put some make up on, double check all my stuff and finally get going to the Florence County Airport. My flight is later than most of my friends. Because they couldn’t booked us a ticket all in the same flight so 5 of us, Mirsela, Jad, Abe,  Mahnoor and I have to go on a separate flights. After waiting for about an hour or so, we finally depart for Charlotte, NC. It was a pleasant flight. Then when we arrived in Charlotte, we’ve got to wait for about an hour? Idk, then we continued our flight to Orlando, Florida. And oh boy, was I excited!

When we arrived in Orlando, a funny thing happened. So, Jad /of course who else would it be/ accidently took someone else’s bag. And then he casually walk off with it through the airport. Until Abe, finally realized it and told him. I died laughing. Mirsela and I couldnt even catch our breath. It was too funny!

Finally we reach the hotel. It was Embassy Suites. I was roomed with Bew and Lima. It was super fun. The days spent there was magical cause we met up with our friends from all over the world. The nights were spent with getting together in a huge ballroom where we were separated in groups and then we’d talked about expectations and plans. You know them stuff.

But the mornings were spent in -wait for it- Disney Wordl Florida. The biggest Disney theme park there is. It was like a dream. Everything is just like what it looked like on TV and Movies. I was beyond excited. We spent a day in Magic Kingdom and then a day in Epcott Park. I got to experienced a LOT of stuff!

The Epcott Park is like a mini replica of the world. Theres a bunch of countries and it is very detailed. They sell food and traditional stuff from each country. Here’s a picture of me in some of the “countries”

Mexico :

Italy :

Germany :

Canada :

And then in Magic Kingdom I got to see the amazingly famous CInderella Castle that has been Disneys Landmark for God knows how long! and guess what at night it lit up in different colors!

Okay if you guys would like to see the whole experience please kindly check out my Disney Vlog on YouTube! Heres the link : DISNEY WORLD 2014 VLOG


Rana Effendi


Okay, now that the Cheerleading season are over I think now is the right time for me to tell y’all my American Cheerleading experience. So……

I’ve been liking to see cheerleader since I don’t know when. I mean they have a lot of awesome movies about that. But because my high school in Indonesia did not have a cheerleading squad, at least not anymore so I decided to join the Marching Band as the flag girl or color guard. But I did not even for a second regretting that. Because being a color guard is just amazing! I love it with all my heart.

One day I went to school and got an e-mail that I made the selection to become an exchange student. Oh my freaking god was I excited! So, long story short I am here now in my bedroom in America, wearing my Red Game Day Varsity shirt, typing about my Cheerleading experience. Because I made the cheerleading squad in my school here in America. I am now a Raider Varsity Cheerleader.

I’ve always known that I would join the Cheerleading team or at least try to if I’m in America. I mean who wouldn’t? Right? So I talked to the captain and came to couple practices until the coach saw me dancing and told me I made the team and gave me my uniform. I come home and hugged my mom and tell her about everything and show her my new uniforms. Tadaa!!

Everything just made sense after that. I finally feel like I’m part of something! All the practices that we had together brought us closer and closer. I finally found my cheer-sisters! I love them soooo much!IMG_1468


Every friday in football season, the cheerleaders have to dress up to school and cheer for football game every friday night! I am so excited to wake up every friday and went to school for the game later that evening! My first football game is a home game and it was sooooooo fun! even thought I did not go down the field to cheer yet but I’m so excited that I get to see my first american football game right in front of my eyes in my cheerleading uniform!IMG_1709



And then the Homecoming is here. It was by far one of the most amazing day I have ever had in my entire life. Everything just went perfect! From the pep rally to the night of the game! So the time for us to perform the dance we’ve been practicing for weeks is here – by the way that was my first dance as a cheerleader ever! So we get out of class early to get prepared in the gym for the pep rally. And then I am soooo beyond nervous! I can’t barely breathe. I keep praying to God so my first pep rally will went well. And He heard my prayer! The dance went amazing! And I got to do a split in front of everybody at the end of the dance! Everybody was so happy, and they were so loud. And people keep telling me that I did an amazing job. That I am an amazing cheerleader! I feel like I’m flying up high!!!! Its just so amazing that I’m speechless!

IMG_1872IMG_1893 IMG_1895 IMG_1913

And then the game later on that evening was the first football game that I got to cheer in! It feels so amazing to cheer on the field in front of all those raider fans! I feel so so so amazing! Words couldn’t describe it! And also one of my exchange friend is playing on the other team. So I got to meet him. And my coordinator and few of my exchange friends came to see me cheer! Im beyond happy! That was a perfect day except the fact that HP Raiders lose the game:(



And the time flies soooo fast, and it is now basketball season! And guess what? Basketball season is ohmyGodidontknowwhattosay amazing! It is so fun and I can totally feel the atmosphere hahaha. I mean its just all the stumping and clapping and hips moving hahaha. Its so unreal. Well I kinda struggled though trying to figure out the stumping. And now the seasons over I always find myself do the stumping and movement. I mean I can’t seem to get it out of my system.

Basketball season is a chaos! I mean in one week I could have 3 or 4 games and don’t forget the cheer practice or pep rally. Its just so much and I feel like I’m practicing for Langgam back in February 2013. On some away game I got home almost midnight and have to go to school the next day. It kills me, but I love it so much I can’t stop. I will not know what I will do when I go back home and theres no Cheerleading.





And now everything is just a fun, unforgettable memories that I will cherish! I love my cheer-sisters so much and I’m gonna miss them sooo much! This is one of the BEST exchange experience anyone could ever have!




Rana Effendi